Our Motto at Main Street Pizzeria & Grille
Has Always Been
“Treat the Customer like Family”
For the Last Fourteen Wonderful Years We Have Achieved That Goal by Providing Excellent Customer Service, Hard Work And Dedication, Constantly Perfecting Our Menu, and of Course, Using the Finest Ingredients Italy Has to Offer. The Result: Award Winning Pizzas, Delicious Homemade Soups, Authentic Italian Pasta Dishes, and a Warm, Cozy Atmosphere the Entire Family Will Enjoy. So as the
Old Saying Goes
“You’ve Tried the Rest Now Try the Best”
Main Street Pizzeria Has Accomplished a Separation from All the Rest with Our Signature Sandwiches "You Won’t Find Anywhere" Else, Gourmet Pizzas for Every Flavor, a Large Dessert Menu, Over-sized Salads, and Pasta Dishes So Big Some Complain to Make Them Smaller. Like We Would Ever Do That!!
Were Italian!!
So Come on down and Manga...Manga....


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